Brynteg Orchard

Across the valley from our Brymbo orchard lies the village of Brynteg, the site of another 50 trees we planted in conjunction with the local school on their land. Set on top of a hill (Bryn = hill, Teg = fair) the orchard has far reaching views West to Wrexham and East to Minera mountain.

Far reaching views across to Minera mountain

About 10 years ago another orchard had been planted on site, but lack of maintenance and damage from pests had caused many trees to die and others struggle to establish. However, after clearing around the remaining trees they were found to be producing a decent crop.

Fresh shoots of bluebells

Under the old field boundaries, hedges left to grow into mature hawthorns and hazels, swathes of native bluebells appear every spring. Small wildflower meadows had also been planted across the site as part of the previous project, but little remains amongst the overgrown grass. We plan to try and reinvigorate these areas by reintroducing some wildflower seed and mowing the grass early in spring and again in late summer.

Some of the original orchard trees which have been rescued from the undergrowth

The rest of the site had become a tangle of brambles and in summer was covered with 6 foot high bracken making any use by the school impossible. This was compounded by the open site being misused by dog walkers and people leaving rubbish strewn about. Last year a few days were spent using a wheeled brush cutter to break through the brambles

Fencing separates land for school and public use, the worn track on the left shows people are adapting to the change

We began fencing part of the site off so as to allow use by the school for studying wildlife and using the orchard, whilst allowing local residents to continue to use the other half of the site.

A heritage cider variety from Monmouthshire, late 1800’s

The children from the school not only helped to plant the trees, they have also been selling the apple juice made from the existing trees. Any profits from the juice will go back into the schools projects in this new outdoor classroom. We have also applied for and received a free hedging pack from the Woodland Trust to create a natural shelter and wildlife corridor, which will also be planted with the help of the school.

For more information on the orchard project follow @brymboheritageorchard on facebook

One thought on “Brynteg Orchard

  1. That is so awesome. We have been planting street trees in Los Angeles for more than twenty years, and in the past several years, while my niece was in school, have been getting the help of school groups. My niece’s class was the first, and it worked out so well, that the tradition continues. It is gratifying that the children enjoy it so much. There is always a certain degree of loss, although for different reasons. Most of our losses are from new people who move into where trees were planted, and then cut them down. When we did it in my neighborhood 350 miles to the north, most of the trees disappeared, leaving only empty holes where they were planted. They reappeared in front gardens throughout the neighborhood. (I knew they were mine because of the distinctive kinks in their trunks near the ground. I could not sell them at the nursery because of the kinks, so used them on our project.)


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